Christian Faith Worship Centre

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Prof. Gerrie Bester

gerrie bester

Although it was many years ago, I remember that day as if it was yesterday. It was around 14:00 one Saturday afternoon. I was under a tree in the middle of the bushveld, desperately trying to meet with this God that I had only heard about in church until then. I was living a life, that included going to church every Sunday but the reality was, that I had absolutely no idea who God really was. I did not have any kind of personal relationship with Him. A life filled with religious acts, doing the right things at the right times, well sometimes…but in reality, I was on my way to hell.

As I sat there, questions bubbled up inside me that I yearned to ask God - and with a sudden boldness, I dared to do just that. I vividly remember every question than crossed the borders of my lukewarm mouth. Questions like: “God I believe that you exist and I know all these famous bible stories and how You used men and women powerfully throughout Your word but what about me Lord? Where do I fit into this puzzle Lord? Do You have a purpose designed for me, Lord? What do You want to use me for? Lord, how do I get rid of this yearning that keeps burning inside me? That yearning that there must be something more to life than what I was living at that moment (although things were going quite well for me at that stage)? I cannot describe to you how desperately longed for God to answer me.

And then……He did……..

From that day I have never stopped seeking YHVH’s Face and HIS TRUTH in a world of lies.

I would like to invite you to join us Sunday mornings at 09h00 as we dig deeper in the Word of Abba Father!

Prof. MGH Bester PhD